Decorating With Throw Pillows

Throw pillow is basically a type of decorative pillow. They are usually small in size, extending no more than 24 inches and come in all shapes and sizes. They are used to enhance the style quotient of any room and also serve as a way of breaking the monotony associated with heavy furniture. The art of decorating with pillows is a very old one.

There are different types of pillow designs that can be used according to our requirement. Fabrics like lace, silk or satin when used to make a throw pillow can give a look of elegance to the room. Floral or animal prints can add a dash of fun and life to any room and textured, woven or cotton fabrics can lend a formal and decent look to a room or furniture.

We can place cushions on our sofas, tables, chairs and also beds in order to create the look that we desire. However, throw pillows are usually costly and as  such not many people prefer to buy them from departmental stores. The easiest way to get the look that we custom stickers want for our house or room without spending a lot is to try and make throw pillows ourselves. Making throw pillows is an easy task and this article will guide you through this process and give you some tips about decorating with pillows at minimal cost.

We have to first decide on the fabric to be used and then buy the required quantity of it. Then, we have to cut out the fabric in the shape and size that we want while adding an extra inch for the seam. We have to place the front sides together and make sure that the alignment is proper and then proceed to sew on all the three sides. The fabric has to be turned outside out and then filled with stuffing and the remaining fourth side has be sewed. In this way, we can make our own throw pillow instead of buying it from a shop.

We can now decorate as our heart desires. We can use fabric paint to paint all the designs that we like onto the pillow. We can also embroider the designs and patterns that we like onto the pillow. Animal or nursery rhyme motifs can also be used to decorate a pillow made to be used in a children’s room. We can also apply a paper backed web onto a appliqué fabric and then cut and iron the design onto the pillow. Tassels and cording also can be applied to the seams before the seaming process.

Thus, there are many options that can help make a room look presentable and stylish and if we can manage to sew our own pillows and follow the tips mentioned previously to decorate the throw pillows then there is no end to the number of looks that we can create for our house at such a reasonable price!


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